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Our sidecar is suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities. To ensure we comply with local laws, we do not carry kids below the age of 5. It is also important that young kids can comfortably wear and support a motorcycle helmet for the full tour. While our guests normally ride one in the sidecar and one as pillion, with an oversized sidecar we can easily and comfortably fit two kids or two small adults in the sidecar itself. Our Guides are also ready to cater for people with special needs, so no matter your abilities we will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Guests under the age of 16 years will need to be accompanied on the ride by a parent or guardian over the age of 25.

In the main we run tours in all types of weather conditions. There is something about the adventure of being on a motorcycle and exposed to the elements. If it is raining, we will provide wet weather gear to keep you dry’ish (well as dry as possible). If it is unsafe to ride however, we will not risk it and you will receive the choice of a full refund or to re-book any tour of equivalent value at a later date (a decision of if being unsafe to ride is at the discretion of your experienced Guide). If we think it is safe, but you are still uncomfortable with the weather and it is either heavy rain or extremely hot (>35C degrees) you will have the option to take the tour, re-book for another day or receive a full refund. We want you to be comfortable and safe – that is what is most important to us.

No – We will provide you with an open-faced helmet. You do not require any other specialty riding gear.

We recommend you wear long pants, enclosed shoes and a light jacket.

We recommend long pants, enclosed shoes and a light jacket (make it a heavy jacket if it is cold or we can pack you a second jacket just in case). Those in the sidecar also get the luxury of warm blanket if needed – so if it is a perfect outfit or a perfect dress for all other parts of the adventure, we will make sure you are comfortable in the sidecar as well. While we love to ride, we also appreciate a spectacular Instagram post as well. If you are going to be riding pillion, we do require that you have long pants and enclosed shoes – it will be more comfortable and just that little bit safer.

No – Your guide will take care of everything on the motorcycle and is extremely experienced in carrying passengers both as pillion and in the sidecar that have no prior experience. As long as you feel comfortable to wear a helmet (we will provide an open-faced helmet), all you need to do is be ready to sit back and enjoy the ride. We can also plan a tour for you that has as much or as little time on the motorcycle as you would like. As a private tour you can also ask for changes to this mix and style as we go. We will make sure you are always safe, but if there is anything that could be more comfortable as we go, just let your guide know and they will make it happen – that is what we are there for and it is what we love to be able to do in order to give you the most amazing adventure on three wheels.

Our sidecar is significantly larger than average. If you fit, you can certainly ride two up in the sidecar. Most of our guests however prefer to ride one in the sidecar and the other as pillion. There will also be plenty of opportunities throughout the tour to switch it up and get both experiences. They are in themselves very unique and it is not often you get the opportunity to ride pillion with the safety and comfort that comes with a sidecar setup.

All pricing is based on two guests per tour – that makes for three with your guide/driver. With an oversized sidecar however we can potentially accommodate three guests if two are comfortable in the sidecar (the third riding pillion). This is ideal for one adult and two younger kids. If three is your number and you are not sure (and if you don’t mind us asking a little about your shape and size), just send us a message and we will work it out together.

While we are not able to accommodate travel luggage while out on the ride, there is plenty of space for a day pack which can be securely locked away on the bike while we are out exploring. We are however locals, so if you need help storing or sorting out luggage on the day of your tour, just let us know and we will see what we can do.

Yes, guests riding in the sidecar are welcome to take photos or video while we are in motion. However, any personal items such as phones etc. that may be damaged (fall out of the sidecar) or lost during the tour are not covered by insurance.

  • Things don’t always go to plan and we get that. If after confirming a booking you need to make a change, please contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate you. If we are not able to accommodate the change, the following policy will apply.
  • If you choose to cancel a booking, the following cancelation fees will apply:
    • 14 days or more from the agreed pickup time – No charge (full refund)
    • Between 14 days and 7 days from the agreed pickup time – 50% (50% refund)
    • Less than 7 days from the agreed pickup time – 75% (25% refund)
    • If a guest cancels after the agreed pickup time, fails to join the tour, or leaves it prior to completion, the full tour cost will apply and no refund will be given.

Operating from Canberra, we offer a door to door service from anywhere across Canberra – picking you up from your hotel lobby or your front door. If you are travelling through Canberra just for the day, we are happy to arrange a pickup point that works for you.

At Canberra Sidecar Tours we have partnered with Square to accept credit card payments for all payments and invoices. Credit cards payments can be processed in person using secure tap and go technology, or you will be invoiced and able to make payment online.

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